Monday, July 22, 2019

Natural Soaps And Body Products That Last
Lately people have been asking about what to do about the last little piece of bar soap. Some people like to meld the old sliver to the new bar by smashing them into two. This should never be a deterrent from buying a quadruple milled bar soap that will last longer than the average liquid soap. It is so easy to squeeze out more soap than you need, therefore, wasting it when it washes down the drain.

Costa Californica began carrying exfoliating soap sleeves that allow for the bather to simply slip a new bar into the sleeve to pair with the old using all the soap through. Most liquid body washes are made of petroleum, while many traditional bar soaps are made of saponified plant oils or animal fat. Liquid soaps need the addition of emulsifying agents and stabilizers to maintain their consistency, further adding to the chemical factor.

It is safe to say that you can save money on soap and take a more natural approach when using handmade or quadruple milled bars soaps. However, milled soap are sure to last much longer. Quadruple Milled Soaps contain less water and more actual soap creating a long-lasting hard soap. How many times have you picked up your soap from its dish, only to find a messy blob? This will never happen with Quadruple Milled Soaps. Look forward to less goop and richer lather!

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