Sunday, May 26, 2019

Are Handmade Natural Soaps Affordable

In most cases soap bars purchased from general stores, have most likely been mass-produced, and normally do not contain glycerin and can leave your skin feeling dry and irritated. They can also contain detergents which strip skin of its natural oils. Lathering agents like ammonium lauryl sulfate,  can make for dry and  irritation to people who have sensitive skin.

When soap is made traditionally, glycerin which hydrate can naturally occur making the skin soft.  Therefore, soap without glycerin is harsh and drying and can lead to excessively dry, itchy and ashy skin. Handmade soaps retain their natural glycerin, therefore providing a key ingredient needed to prevent dry skin.

At Costa Californica they use a saponification process like handmade soap then process the soap through a triple milling process much like the French milled process. This refines the soap and makes it last longer, while offering a non drying lathering experience.

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